Marcelo Paladino


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Professor of the IAE Business School for 35 years. Mechanical Engineer (UBA), MBA Exec (IA) and PhD (IESE). He was Dean of the IAE between 2008 and 2013, and has participated and still participates in the development of important international academic institutions.


Professor of numerous relevant schools in LATAM. Nowadays, he also collaborates with the development of a business school in Angola and another in Central America.


For years he has participated in the Board and Committees of international academic institutions such as AACSB, EQUIS, CEIBS Business School (China), CLADEA.


He has published 10 books, more than 100 cases and technical notes, numerous articles in international journals and specialized magazines; with some of which he has been recognized and awarded, being the last Best Spanish case at IFAMA 2018.


He has a vast professional career as a consultant for companies and families, which has led him to work with relevant companies and entrepreneurs of the country and  Latam.


The field of work has been that of competitiveness and development; with focus on the business-government-society relationship; where negotiation with all shareholders has occupied an important role, in particular with unions and internal commissions.


At present, his concern is about the development and consolidation of business families, as creators of value and essential contributors for the development of a region or a country.


However, the most important project is the one carried out with Elena, from 35 years now, rising the 10 children with whom God has blessed them.


APPENDIX - Published Books


Paladino (author), L Traverso and P Caputo co-authors: "From Family Business to Business Family "; with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation; September 2016.


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