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Prinzo, Blasco Funes & Emiliani is a young, flexible and dynamic legal firm that is built upon the maturity and professional experience of its partners, all of them with a vast career path in the professional labor counselling of national and international corporations, both in individual and collective labor matters.


This law firm’s philosophy is based upon a prompt personalized support to customers by getting to know their businesses’ needs and taking a pragmatic approach for such purpose. The quality of our service stands out not only for the deep knowledge of the legal standards and the applicable legislation, but also for knowing and understanding the clients' business, which also implies understanding the market in which they operate.


Pablo Alejandro Prinzo has developed an important professional career in the Labor Courts of the City of Buenos Aires, both in Courts of First Instance and in the Court of Appeals. He has completed a Postgraduate Degree in Labor Law (UCA-AADTSS) [“Universidad Católica  Argentina/ Asociación Argentina del Derecho del Trabajo y Seguridad Social” – Argentine Catholic University / Argentine Association of Labor and Social Security Law]- and worked professionally for the private sector in the labor areas of the most important and prestigious law firms in Buenos Aires. He has also provided qualified legal counselling to national and multinational companies of different sizes in individual and collective labor disputes.

Diego Blasco Funes, has a great deal knowledge of the business world. He has held leadership and management positions in Corporations and has been a partner in Law Firms in Argentina and abroad. In addition, he holds an MBA Degree [Master in Business Administration], which gives a business-oriented insight in advising clients to prevent difficulties and contingencies and increase cost savings. He also serves as Professor of Labor Law at the Faculty of Law of the Austral University.


Mariano Emiliani has developed his professional career in important law firms and led their Labor Law areas. He has vast experience in legal advice to large, medium and small Argentine and international enterprises. He has an outstanding career in the area of labor disputes, as well as in the field of Collective Law. He has worked as a Labor Law Advisor in the National Congress over a long period of time. He has written journalistic articles and notes published in different newspapers. He has also completed Postgraduate Studies with Specialization in Labor Law (UCA “Universidad Catolica Argentina” – Argentine Catholic University -). He has lectured broadly in national and international conventions, seminars and workshops.


The firm strongly believes in long-term relationships, proactivity, conflict prevention, and multidisciplinary legal advice. To this end, the firm has made strategic alliances with prestigious consultants, law firms and "off counsel" professionals, experts in the most varied range of matters related to the business world.

The main slogan of this law firm is "We are part of your team", because the firm feels very much a part of the Client’s world, understands them, and is committed to their interests, investments and growth plans in Argentina.


Av. Corrientes 222, piso 14° (C1043AAP)

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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