Professional Practice

PBF is a legal firm specialized in the wide scope of the labor law. Within this wide area, there are different specializations in which its partners have vast experience and they are in conditions to provide a service of excellence by offering legal consulting services in labor matters, both individual and collective, but also representing its clients in individual and collective judicial disputes, in both administrative and judicial framework.


The professional team is constantly aware of the changes that take place in the labor and business market, as well as those that may occur in legislation and judicial decisions that have an impact on business.

In this sense and only by way of example, we have vast experience in the following areas:


- Consulting: we are constantly aware of market, legislation and jurisprudence changes that may impact or give rise to contingencies in our clients’ interests and their value chain. We help companies on how to deal with daily and strategic problems, understanding the business and building long-term relationships with suppliers, unions, etc ... We help prevent and think about the strategy in the face of conflicts, both individual and collective.


- Auditing process: It is common that companies may be unfamiliar with the risks involved in some labor contingencies as a result of the application or interpretation of labor legislation, agreements or collective agreements. This problem occurs when they are in a process of buying a company, as well as in the business ordinary activities.


- Collective Agreements: This law firm is specialist in drafting Collective Agreements, Company Agreements, Company-Unions Protocols, Minutes-Agreements, etc ... from the business insight.

Work contracts: This firm collaborates with Human Resources and Labor Relations areas in the drafting of individual contracts with a previous analysis of all the contingencies that may arise therefrom.


- Judicial and out-of-court Claims: PBF’s professionals are in conditions to represent and sponsor their clients from a highly specialized vision in lawsuits or claims of labor nature advising them to define the best strategy and then executing the necessary procedural actions to obtain the best solution to the problems raised, both in CABA and Province of Buenos Aires.


- Coordination with associates of the Interior of Argentina and overseas, keeping the Client constantly and comprehensively informed on developments.


-Help Senior Management in making decisions related to Labor Law

Train the top management through seminars and workshops linked to the work world and create awareness of the impact it may have on the short, medium and long term.


Organization and restructuring of human capital


Reorganization of labor structures

- Accidents Prevention, work-related diseases and creation of Health and Safety policies at work.


- Negotiation of Collective Agreements, Company’s Agreements, Joint Comissions, Conflicts, Forceful Measures and Bankruptcy proceedings.


- Legal representation before public bodies or agencies: Ministry of Labor of the Nation and Province of Buenos Aires, among others, on topics such as Preventive Crisis Procedures, Suspensions, State Financial Aid, etc ...


- Continuous updating service to the Client on labor issues, new legislation, jurisprudential guidelines, etc ...




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Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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